The Green Path Podcast

Guest Speaker: Sabrina Frometa

May 15, 2020 Benu Amun-Ra Season 1 Episode 2
The Green Path Podcast
Guest Speaker: Sabrina Frometa
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The green path to connecting to the planet and tapping into the inherent common trait of humanity. Hearing voices from communities who have been left behind in the systems and coming together to explore the creative solutions to save ourselves and our Mother Earth. Guest Speaker: Sabrina Frometa

Host note:*Sabrina Frometa resides in the Dominican Republic on the island of Kiskeya. She is working to bridge the connection between Haiti and the DR. In this episode I incorrectly state she is from Haiti. Please forgive the error.

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IG: @yaya_today
YAYA is a collective for folks driven by wonder and responsibility to the world. We are moved to action by the ancestral wisdom of communities of color. We are committed to uplift and showcase those wisdoms through whatever means possible using the talents of our members: animation series, black-led regenerative farming on the island of Kiskeya and equity work in the psychedelic movement. We are here to serve in joy, creativity, humour and futuristic ancestral spirit. Our hope is to continue exploring and experiment new ways to connect work to justice. Fun Fact: YAYA is the Taino word for Creator God, or Spirit of Spirit! 

Poetry Corner: Meal Gatha - Bernie Glassman Roshi

The Green Path Podcast
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