The Green Path Podcast

Guest Speaker: Alnoor Ladha - Part 1

July 01, 2020 Benu Amun-Ra Season 1 Episode 3
The Green Path Podcast
Guest Speaker: Alnoor Ladha - Part 1
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The green path to connecting to the planet and tapping into the inherent common trait of humanity. Hearing voices from communities who have been left behind in the systems and coming together to explore the creative solutions to save ourselves and our Mother Earth.
Guest Speaker: Alnoor Ladha

On this EPIC-sode we speak with Alnoor Ladha, a Medium writer and activist. Alnoor is at the intersectionality of community organizing, narrative work and economic alternatives while dedicating himself to changing the rules that create inequality, poverty, and ecological breakdown around the world. Co-founder of Tierra Valiente, Alnoor speaks on the Anthropocene and the challenges we now face as the consequence of human actions. Join us on this 2 part series.

We stand in Solidarity to support and promote POC led organizations fighting social justice.

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Documentary: Action in the Anthropocene


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