The Green Path Podcast

Guest Speaker: Yolanda Webb

September 06, 2020 Benu Amun-Ra Season 1 Episode 6
The Green Path Podcast
Guest Speaker: Yolanda Webb
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Journey on the green path to as we learn to reconnect to the planet and tap into the inherent common trait of our humanity. Hearing voices from marginalized communities who have been left behind in the systems. Listening to individuals as they share their stories and the impacts they are making in their own way. Join me in discovering the intersectionality of life by focusing on reconnecting as human beings and finding ways to heal ourselves and our planet.

Guest Speaker: Yolanda Webb

In this episode we will be speaking to Yolanda Webb, the director of Adult, Aging and Disability Services at the Colorado Department of Human Services. She has more than 25 years of experience working with aging adults and adults living with disabilities, along with services to veterans and their caregivers for 64 county social services departments, five Veterans Care Living Centers, and three Division of Regional Centers throughout Colorado. As a Behavior Specialist, Yolanda worked with individuals with significant behavioral challenges resulting from dual diagnoses, from TBI to Autism. She has authored five books and champions the disenfranchised through her family’s foundation, The Webb Family Foundation.  She is the perfect person to kick off our special series and we can think of no one better to bring us into the world of disabilities than her. She will surely share some insightful perspectives that we can all use or have better understanding in this normally invisible population.

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Phone: 347-486-4067

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